The THNK1994 Museum began as an exhibit in the hallway of Viviana and Matt's apartment in 2014.  It featured art and artifacts from artists and collectors across the country and told the story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan on the road to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics. Visitors from as far as Australia have stopped by to view the collection. This led to the next step in becoming a very real museum.  Lindsey became aware of the museum during the first Kickstarter and continued following them.



After the initial success with the hallway museum, THNK1994 ran another Kickstarter campaign and transformed an abandoned doctor's office into a temporary exhibit called "Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi" featuring art by Laura Collins and many others. The goal was to connect with people online who share the obsession and then funnel that collective energy into an irl experience for everyone.  

Lindsey contributed a sculpture for the photo booth portion of their exhibit.  The idea was to have enlarged items that the Olsen Twins hid behind to avoid real life paparazzi.  There were also a giant Blackberry and a giant Birkin handbag.  

After the exhibit, Lindsey began talking with Viviana and Matt about improving their digital experience and adding an e-commerce element to their business.




THNK1994 appointed Lindsey as their creative director, and she helped craft their mission statement, values, brand personality, voice, typography, color palette, and tagline.  The business cards, letterhead, email footer, and stationary guidelines were also designed by Lindsey.  




The first step was to create a website that helped establish credibility for the museum.  The previous design was built on and did not have any e-commerce functionality.  The new website is built off of Squarespace, and there is a Museum Gift Shop. THNK1994 focuses on creating experiences for its followers, so it was very important to design a website that reinforces the weird and overwhelming nature of the museum.