Whether it's facilitating an e-commerce launch or developing and designing a full-stack web application, Lindsey uses her design and technology background to solve problems by focusing her attention on the details, but never losing sight of the big picture.  She believes that in order to be successful, your product must be functional, and that in order to be functional the user must take precedence.    

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A brand is only as successful as the product, but before you can market a product, one must establish the brand.  Lindsey has been working with small and medium-sized businesses for 10 years. She's created graphics, document design templates, full identity packages, as well as magazine layouts.  Her web experience goes back seven years, and she has evolved throughout the transition from basic webpages to design-heavy branded websites.

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Lindsey has been shooting photos for nearly ten years within the lifestyle, fashion, and music sectors.  She's shot for NYLON Magazine, covered every major music festival in Austin, and been personally commissioned by magazines, brands, and even Emma Roberts. Lindsey also produces videos—her videos on Vimeo have been loaded nearly 190,000 times.  Her skills range from shooting photographic series to creating short films to directing entire sets.  

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